RS Aerotech, Ltd.
P.O. Box CR-56766
Nassau, Bahamas
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RS Aerotech, Ltd.

RS Aerotech has focussed on engineering and flight test services for the aviation industry, and experimental and light sport aircraft. Based on many years of flight test experience, RS Aerotech asssists in the design of network centric flight data acquisition and recording systems for customers, as well as data monitoring and recording tools and cockpit displays. To support flight test activities, RS Aerotech assists in the creation of flight test plans, flight test cards and checklists. Together with sophisticated post processing services and a highly customer oriented support, the expertise of RS Aerotech takes flight test efficiency to new levels.

RS Aerotech also provides flight test engineering services for customers and operates a company-owned amphibious LSA for this purpose. This aircraft is especially suited for salt water testing of aero engines and other aircraft components.

RS Aerotech's Searey Advanced Technology Demonstrator (ATD)